ATT Annual Convocation Publications - 2007-2014

in partnership with Lutheran University Press


2014 - Lutheran Pedagogy for a Global Context, Franz Volker Greifenhagen & Peter Vethanayagamony, eds.

2013 - Market and Margins: Lutheran Perspectives, Wanda Diefelt, ed.

2012 - Eco-Lutheranism?: Lutheran Persepctives on Ecology, Karla Bohmbach & Shauna Hannen, eds.

2011 - Sources of Authority in the Church, David Brondos, ed.

2009 - The New Perspective on Paul, David Ratke, ed.

2007 - Theological Foundations in an Age of Biological Intervention, David Ratke, ed.

2006 - Lutherans and Theological Method: Perennial Questions and Contemporary Challenges, David Ratke, ed.

2003 - Hearing the Word: Lutheran Hermeneutics - A Vision for Life under the Gospel, David Ratke, ed.



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